"Idle Lands" receive a prize of Precision in land assessment using GIS and "Accuracy in land assessment using GIS" prize. | Ministry of Housing

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Monday 16 Jumada al-Ula 1440 on January 21, 2019

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24/8/1439 -on- 09/05/2018"Idle Lands" receive a prize of Precision in land assessment using GIS and "Accuracy in land assessment using GIS" prize.
The "Idle Lands" program of the Ministry of Housing won the GIS Excellence Award at the GISWORX conference held annually in the United Arab Emirates. Running through the conference many specialized workshops in the GIS techniques, which opened on Tuesday in Dubai, The program won the award entitled "Accuracy in land assessment using geographic information systems", based on the nominations of the selection committee for winners which specialized in the field of geographic systems according to a set of the most precise criteria set by the committee.
The Idle Lands program obtained prize become as a step towards ensuring the achievement of the objectives set by the program and enhancing the use of technology and systems in assessment processes and working on developing them.
For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing for Land and Housing Organization Engineer Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Mudeih said that the award of this program confirms the Ministry's keenness to use the most accurate systems and software developed in the geographical techniques, especially that the use of these systems ensures the accuracy and fairness of the assessment of white lands, We have taken into account the contribution of these techniques to the assessment of land within the target urban area in the cities under the regime in Saudi Arabia, and he express his thanks to those who contributed to the success of the program.
For his part, the director of the Department of GIS Systems in the Ministry of Housing Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Qahtani, appreciated the efforts to reach the highest level of accuracy of information and their interconnectedness between the various electronic systems through high-electronic linkage between the ministry of housing, ministries and government entities and semi-governmental participation.
The land assessment system developed by the Ministry and was carried out by a cadre of Saudi youth in a short period. The evaluation method used in the program is fair and transparent. It is carried out through a complete technical system without any manual intervention in land value or fees.
The Idle land tax systems is one of the most prominent programs that the Ministry of Housing is working on, in its effort to achieve the optimal balance between supply and demand and the freeing of unused land within the urban blocs to provide more housing, thus enabling all groups to obtain adequate housing in accordance with their financial means and suited to their wishes.