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Monday 16 Jumada al-Ula 1440 on January 21, 2019

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20/9/1439 -on- 03/06/2018"Housing": the booking of 3795 units of the "telalalgoroob" project .. and 50% of the first phase of the "Aeali Jeddah"

The Ministry of Housing announced on Tuesday the completion of the booking of 3795 housing units in the "telalalgoroob" project in the province of Jeddah which representing more than 55% of the total housing units in the project, and completed reservations for 50% of the project, " aeali Jeddah" less than a week after the launch.

The ministry announced in a press statement that three phases of the "telalalgoroob" project, which includes 6900 housing units, have been announced in view of the high demand for housing units. During the next two days the fourth phase of the project will be available, stages are being continued until the completion of booking all the housing units.

On the project of " aeali Jeddah," the ministry indicated that the first phase of the project provides 1000 housing units, so far 523 housing units have been booked, less than one week after the start of the booking procedures. The project includes 9868 housing units, multiple spaces and designs. With prices start from 260 thousand riyals, and the stages will be launched successively after the completion of the booking of each stage.

She pointed out that the reservation exhibitions announced by the ministry of housing continuous reception of citizens during the holy month of Ramadan from 9 pm to 2 pm, inviting beneficiaries to book their appointment through the website of the "sakani" program and to visit the project site according to the timely manner.

The " telalalgoroob " and "aeali Jeddah" projects are located on the land of the Ministry of Housing in the Prince Fawaz district of Jeddah, with an area of more than 2 million square meters, and provide more than 15 thousand housing units of an apartment type with different spaces and designs with prices start from 260 thousand riyals ,and the project " telalalgoroob " is a Saudi-Chinese alliance, through the company Sani Amariya, which will start work on the implementation of the project after the completion of reservations, and the options offered by the project differ through the provision of 4 models of housing units up to 256 square meters of the model "duplex apartment "Consisting of two floors, and the housing units prices starting of 260 thousand riyals.

The aeali Jeddah project offers a variety of accommodation options to the beneficiaries by providing a variety of areas that cater to the needs of a large number of beneficiaries. The "telalalgoroob" and " aeali Jeddah" projects provide guarantees for all construction materials, structure and all materials used for up to 20 years.

The two projects are characterized by the integration of infrastructure and the provision of sites that dedicated to a number of public and recreational facilities, in addition to the allocation of sites for the services, including education, health and others, and green areas, public parks and children's playgrounds on large areas, as will as the construction of commercial locations on the two projects, which includes "boulevard" in the " telalalgoroob" project which is designed to meet the latest international standards.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Sani Amariya" Bandar bin Mohammed Al Ameri announced the launch of a Saudi-Chinese alliance with the Chinese "Sani" company to implement the "telalalgoroob" project noting that it is among the best three companies in the world in the field of building techniques and it's have many successful global experiences, the latest of which was the construction of 50,000 housing units in Malaysia within 24 months.

The Ministry of Housing has announced the launch of several projects for housing units which is under construction in a number of cities in the Kingdom, the last of which was last week with the launch of seven new projects in Riyadh, Jeddah, Yanbu, Dammam and Al Khobar. The delivery operations of the ministry ready projects are continued in a number of cities and provinces of the Kingdom, such as AlQunfudhah,Bisha, AlGofol,Thadig, Arar, Uyayna, Khobar and Almubarraz.