60 thousand visitors to the "housing" pavilion in "Janadriyah 32" .. and residential projects models attract visitors. | Ministry of Housing

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Wednesday 11 Rabia ath-Thani 1440 on December 19, 2018

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19/6/1439 -on- 06/03/201860 thousand visitors to the "housing" pavilion in "Janadriyah 32" .. and residential projects models attract visitors.
     The models of housing projects presented by the Ministry of Housing during its participation in the National Festival of Heritage and Culture (AlJanadriyah 32) have captured visitors' attention. Whereby several of the residential models have been revealed by the Ministry are under "sakani" program for partnership projects with the private sector. The Ministry of Housing concluded its participation in the festival by exceeding the number of visitors with more than 60 thousand visitors over the three weeks.
The Ministry of Housing spokesman Saif bin Salem Al-Suwailem clarified that the visitors of the Ministry's pavilion were familiarized with the latest developments of the projects and its workplan. "The residential models of the sakani program that are presented in the pavilion have received the most attention from visitors, Especially in terms of the variety of options offered to beneficiaries, and the various areas of residential units (villas, townhouses and apartments), in addition to the suitable  prices ranging from 250 to 700 thousand riyals.
He pointed out that the ministry's pavilion included about 12 corners of initiatives and programs, in addition to corner for the real estate development fund, during which visitors were introduced to all the services provided through the programs, which aim to organize and facilitate a balanced and sustainable residential environment to achieve one of the objectives of the Saudi vision 2030 and the National Transformation 2020 program to raise the proportion of residential ownership. He stressed that the ministry has keen to participate in the festival to reach out all citizens, especially the beneficiaries of the programs of the ministry, and to familiarize them with the mechanism of eligibility and the type of products they provide and answering all their inquiries regarding their projects and initiatives.
 The Ministry of Housing's pavilion at the festival highlights a number of the Ministry's projects, plans and programs. It also provides access to the most prominent projects supervised by the Ministry. And corners that includes initiatives launched by the Ministry of Housing. In addition to the Real Estate Development Fund corner. The Ministry of Housing will provide detailed information on the projects it has launched under the "sakani" program. In its first phase, 2017, it announced the allocation of 282 thousand housing and funding products distributed throughout the Kingdom, as well as the allocation of another 300 thousand this year and during the second stage of the program.
The pavilion highlights the ministry's vision and strategies, as well as models of housing projects that include all regions of the Kingdom with different cities, governorates and centers, whether in the form of ready-made or under-construction units (off-plan sale) and provides details of the land development projects that are offered free of charge, as well as information on the subsidized loans provided through the Development Fund in partnership with banks.
The pavilion also provides a detailed definition of the Ministry's products that take into consideration the variety of options, as well as the eligibility and priority criteria of granting eligible citizens who have applied on the housing support portal.