"Ejar" carries out 6 thousand inspection tour on the "real estate offices" within 3 months. | Ministry of Housing

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Friday 18 Jumada ath-Thaniya 1440 on February 22, 2019

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12/10/1439 -on- 25/06/2018"Ejar" carries out 6 thousand inspection tour on the "real estate offices" within 3 months.

The supervision and control teams of the Ministry of Housing's "Ejar" program continued their monitoring tours on the real estate brokerage facilities around the Kingdom. The tours varied between the inspection visits and the response to the communications. The number of tours during the last period was more than 6000 inspection tours in the Kingdom, 2249 inspection tour in the city of Riyadh through which the control of many irregularities, most notably the non-registration of rental contracts through the network of rental services, exceeding the rate of pursuit of a system (2.5%), in addition to the exercise of more than one activity.


These inspection tours are in response to incoming communications and reinforce ongoing monitoring and awareness campaigns to ensure that establishments are free from violations, to commit them to rules and regulations to obtain accreditation in a "Ejar" program and use the e-network to document lease agreements, ensuring the protection of the rights of all parties to the rental process and addresses the needs of the beneficiaries through structured and sustainable rental sector.


The campaigns continue after providing "Ejar" for all the registration and accreditation requirements in the e-network by registering the real estate agent electronically through the "Ejar" site, and passing the electronic training course and obtaining the official accreditation of the network as an approved real estate agent according to the most important conditions are having a commercial registration, Real estate leasing, and a national address for real estate.


The "Ejar" program seeks to qualify and enable all real estate facilities to use the e-network for rent and awareness of the rules and regulations through training programs and rehabilitation, including continuous workshops in all regions of the Kingdom with the provision of support request services and field visits, which can be requested through the phone or social networks. In addition to the "User's Guide" services provided by the Ejar website. It also receives communications that received through various channels, including the unified telephone and telephone application "real estate brokers", as well as through "Ejar" offices in the branches of the Ministry of Housing, which has 13 offices in all over the kingdom.


The Ministry of Housing, in partnership with a number of government agencies, launched the e-Rental network in mid-February, which includes a number of services, the most prominent of which is the online lease agreement and the rental services through electronic channels in cooperation with the MOI Abshar platform, through which they announced the launch of compulsory documentation of lease contract Electronically.