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Friday 18 Jumada ath-Thaniya 1440 on February 22, 2019

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18/10/1439 -on- 01/07/2018"Ejar" reduces contract documentation service to 4 steps to be done in 8 minutes.

The "Ejar" program of the Ministry of Housing has launched a fast registration service that allows documentation and registration of rental contract data for up to eight minutes through the ejar.sa portal, including handling exceptional cases such as those who doesn't have an account on the "Abshar" platform, in addition to other advantages, including the use of connectivity services with government agencies to facilitate the process of data entry.


"Ejar" is considered as an advanced e-network that provides integrated solutions for the residential and commercial leasing sector soon and regulates the relationship between all parties of the leasing process (landlord, tenant, real estate broker) by documenting contracts and preserving the rights of all parties involved.


The program seeks to be the main driver to develop and increase trust in the rental sector, improve the investment environment in it and to ensure its sustainability and development, as well as the rehabilitation and development of real estate brokerage facilities. The program aims to regulate the relationship by adopting the unified contract which is an executive bond, In the Ministry of Justice and related to the rental sector through the establishment of a legal framework regulating the relationship between the different parties and will contribute to support the national economy by regulating the residential and commercial rental market and improve the performance of the rental sector and raise its contribution to GDP.


The "Ejar" program has already launched the service of communications on the violations of real estate brokerage facilities through the application of "real estate brokers". The application allows citizens and residents of tenants or owners to submit communications and send them to the supervision and control team in the "Ejar" program and the application that can be loaded on the devices smart phones allows to search for the addresses of the authorized real estate agents through the "unified lease" as well as submit the communications and review the most common irregularities such as the exercise of real estate activity by a non-Saudi residents , or exceed the sales commission or lease specified system of the value of the contract or take a commission on renewal, to engage in real estate activity with another business in the same location, not to register contracts in a rental network, or to submit other communications, with the possibility of choosing the site and lifting attachments such as pictures that may include the image of the contract or the frontage of the real estate agent.


 The launch of the Ejar network follows the Cabinet Resolution No. 131 to establish the e- network for rental services to facilitate the establishment and consolidation of rental transactions, enhance mutual trust between the parties and record mutual obligations between landlords, tenants and real estate agents in the rental sector. The e-network and the contract documentation service provide a number of advantages to the rental process parties, including  e-payment, issuance of certificates of bonds and payment electronically and to ensure the duties and obligations of maintenance and payment of invoices and other benefits.