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Friday 18 Jumada ath-Thaniya 1440 on February 22, 2019

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23/10/1439 -on- 06/07/2018"Housing": continued free land delivery in various provinces within "Sakani" program.

The Ministry of Housing has continued to hand over several free residential lands to the beneficiaries of "Sakani" program, which was allocated to them in the last monthly payments, as yesterday delivered a number in Zulfi, Dawadmi and Hotat Bani Tamim as well as in Qassim.


This step comes as a continuation of the delivery operations that the Ministry works on free land and housing units in different governorates. During the last six installments of the year 2018, "Sakani" program announced 33,137 free land covering all areas and benefited from various categories according to the wishes of the beneficiaries in the subsidy portal, of the total number of26% of housing and financing options provided by the program to the beneficiaries per month. Most of the land allocated in Makkah area was 6,673 land and 20%, followed by Asir with 5.381 land and 16% With a total of 3,911 land and 12%, and Jizan area with 3,800 land and 11%.


In the second phase of the current year 2018, Sakani program aims at allocating 75 thousand free land covering all the regions of the Kingdom in its various governorates and centers. The next monthly payments are expected to complete the allocation of 41,863 land, while the beneficiaries are previewing the land for delivery.


The second stage of "Sakani 2018" program includes the allocation of 300 thousand housing and financing options, including 125 thousand housing units in partnership with the private sector and 75 thousand residential land provided free of charge, in addition to 100 thousand loans supported by a partnership between the REDF and banks and financial institutions The seventh installment of Sakani program, which includes various housing and financing options, will be announced on 15th of this month.