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Friday 18 Jumada ath-Thaniya 1440 on February 22, 2019

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22/10/1439 -on- 05/07/2018 "Ejar" program monitored 3 thousand violations during the inspection rounds.

The Ministry of Housing's "Ejar" program approved fines on a number of real estate brokerage firms after committing regulatory irregularities amounting to 3,000 violations, including registration of residential leases outside the rental services network, exceeding the defined rate of the brokerage fees of 2.5% .in addition, to practice activity that not included in the commercial register of the establishment and others. These violations were monitored during the rounds of the supervision and control team in the "Ejar" program on the real estate brokerage facilities around the Kingdom, reaching 6 thousand rounds of control during the past three months, whereas rounds varied between awareness visits and Responsiveness to communications.


The approval of these fines on the real estate brokerage companies in violation of consumer protection and regulation of the rental sector and improve the quality of its services, in order to preserve the rights of the parties to the rental process (landlord, tenant, real estate broker), raising the level of confidence and balance in the real estate rental sector.


Penalties and fines apply to real estate brokerage firms when they violate the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 405, which obligates real estate brokers to use the e-rental services network (ejar.sa), in addition to the regulations of the real estate offices mentioned in Cabinet Resolution No. 334, any office may carry out any business other than its real estate activity specified in the Commercial Register, in addition to not exceeding the rent commission of 2.5% of the rent for one year even if the contract is longer or may be renewed for another period. The regulations of the real estate offices indicated the penalties and their types so that the fine does not exceed more than 25 thousand riyals and the closure of the office for a period not exceeding one year and the revocation of the bureau's license permanently.

The "Ejar" program has previously launched the service of reporting on the violations of real estate brokerage facilities through the application of "real estate brokers". The application allows citizens and residents of tenants or owners to submit communications and send them to the supervision and control team in the "Ejar" program.


The application, which can be downloaded on smartphones, will also search for the addresses of the approved real estate agents through the "unified lease" as well as submit the communications and review the most common irregularities such as the practice of real estate activity by a non-Saudi person or exceeding the specified sale or lease commission or taking a commission of renewal, a real estate activity with another business in the same location, non-registration of contracts in a rental network or the submission of other communications, with the possibility of choosing the website and uploading attachments such as those that may include a copy of the contract or the Real Estate Broker's Office board.


The launch of the Ejar network came in compliance with the Cabinet Resolution No. 131, which establishes an e-network for leasing services to facilitate and establish lease transactions and enhance trust between the parties. The "Ejar" provides a number of advantages to the parties to the rental process including e-payment, Maintenance and payment of bills and other benefits, while the program contributed to the rehabilitation of real estate brokerage facilities and enable them to use the e-network of rental services through the establishment of several workshops in all regions of the Kingdom, which exceeded 25 workshops, in addition to raising awareness of rules and regulations. In order for the brokerage firm to be accredited in an "Ejar" network, it must pass the electronic training course. The network also provides technical support through the toll-free number as well as the various social networks. The brokerage can reach the "user's guide"by visiting the "Rent" website.